Santillana, the largest Spanish-language publisher in the world, is pleased to participate in the Tennessee Spanish World Language Textbook Adoption. We submitted two programs for K-12 to the state of TN that are approved for adoption.

We welcome the opportunity for you to review our instructional materials. Please click on the program you would like to review and simply Request Digital Access.

Students can join the adventure and learn Spanish as they travel to fascinating places in the Spanish-speaking world. They become online fans and vote for Andy, Tess, Tim, and Diana, who compete by taking on cultural challenges in each unit.

Program Accredited by the University of Salamanca

Descubre el español con Santillana makes language learning a cultural adventure and supports students of all language levels, from beginners to heritage speakers, at any grade level. Each level has a compelling storyline. Students meet engaging characters, who travel to eight Spanish-speaking countries in each student book. Students learn about the local people, places, culture, food, animals, and of course the language.

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