Two-way dual language programs are also referred to as two-way bilingual or dual language immersion programs.


The goal of these programs is to teach academic content for academic achievement, bilingualism, biliteracy, and biculturalism.


These programs allow for the enrollment of equal populations of ELs and non-ELs and instruct both groups in English and the non-English partner language.

Program Characteristics


This program follows a 50:50 model (with 50 percent of instruction taking place in English and 50 percent taking place in the partner language (in this case Spanish).


Instructional Time and Setting


• The most effective programs are started in Kindergarten.

• It is recommended that parents maintain students in the program for at least six years in order to obtain better results.

• In this model, 50% of the students are English dominants and 50% are target language speakers.

• The program can be implemented in grades Kindergarten through 12.

• Programs may balance languages by dividing instructional time based on content area, class period, instructor, day, week, unit, or semester.

• The program provides students with 50% of the instructional time in English and 50% of the instructional time in Spanish (or other targeted languages).

Benefits of the Program

• Provides instruction to students in both, English and Spanish languages.

• Integrates native English speakers and speakers of the target language thus, providing instruction in both languages to all students together.

• Students become fully bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural, as they are learning the content in English 50% of the time and in Spanish 50% of the time.