Santillana USA…serving U.S. teachers and students for over forty-five years.


Santillana understands the unique needs of every Spanish language learner: world language learners, heritage learners, and native speakers. As part of the largest Spanish publisher worldwide, we have access to a vast number of authentic resources, which are key to the development of Santillana’s culturally and linguistically authentic instructional materials.  Our goal is to publish resources that foster biliteracy and bilingualism and promote dual language education.


  • Fully articulated K-12 Spanish as a World Language programs

  • Fully articulated K-12 Spanish Language Arts programs, designed for heritage and native speakers.

  •  Award-winning eLearning Instructional Solutions

  • Largest selection of Spanish-language children’s books


As experts in the development of Spanish-language resources and technology solutions, we’ve created ongoing partnerships with well-established organizations that share our passion for dual language education. The Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL) and Santillana USA have partnered on a wide range of activities designed to promote dual language education across the U.S., including dual language workshops, dual language online courses, and other initiatives. CAL and Santillana are also sponsors of the National Dual Language Forum website, a portal to a growing array of resources to help educators understand the essential components of dual language and bilingual education.