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Español Santillana,
Middle and High School
program, is the perfect
fit for any Spanish classroom.

But there's more...


Program Accreditation

Santillana USA has partnered with the University of Salamanca to develop and implement an accreditation process that endorses the linguistic and cultural excellence of Español Santillana. This accreditation certifies that
Español Santillana:


Fully accredited program that will help teachers prepare students to become college and career ready.


Student Language Certifications

Part of Santillana USA’s partnership from the University of Salamanca includes a process of student certification based on successful completion of specific, consecutive levels of Español Santillana. Schools or districts submit evidence of successful completion of either Level 2 or Level 4 of Español Santillana.
Students who have achieved this level receive a certificate of completion from the University of Salamanca, documenting students’ language mastery and progress towards college and career readiness.


Teacher Study Abroad Scholarships


Santillana USA has partnered with the University of Alcalá de Henares to develop a one-week study abroad opportunity for secondary Spanish teachers using Español Santillana, providing a truly authentic language and culture experience. Scholarship recipients:

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