Spotlight on English Reader's Theater

Improve your emerging and developing readers' fluency and literacy skills through theater and role-play!

By combining a reading selection with elements of performance, Reader's Theater appeals to ELLs' sense of play-sparking their interest and encouraging them to engage with the text!

  • Script incorporates narration, character dialogue, and stage directions in scenes designed to be read aloud.
  • Students "act out" the script by reading aloud, following the teacher's modeling, in order to tell the story fluently and expressively.
  • Students practice and reinforce their oral reading and reading comprehension skills to convey the plot points, characterizations, and emotions of the story.
  • Songs and music help engage students and develop oral fluency!
Readers Theater Books

Ideal literacy intervention resource for developing readers, such as ELLs!

Balanced Literacy - Spotlight On English
Guided Reading Books

Ideal for any student reading
below grade level!

Spotlight on English Guided Reading Library

Boost developing readers' literacy skills!

Improve your emerging and developing readers' oral reading and fluency as well as their independent reading skills through carefully selected reading selections to match each student's needs and abilities!

  • Fifty-five readers for multiple reading levels.
  • Vocabulary instruction to create better readers and writers.
  • Pre-, during-, and after-reading comprehension activities.
  • Decoding and fluency practice.